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eCommerce Hair Topper Website

Jon Le Court Salon

Amy Armstrong, the founder of Jon Le Court Mt Ommaney, Brisbane’s premier Hair Salon, recognised a gap in the market when she discovered 100% real human Hair Toppers. To launch a new eCommerce brand, website and marketing campaign, she partnered with Nuver Digital.

We developed the branding, logo, social media profiles and website to reflect Amy’s vision. A professional brand and website delivered over just 2 months within budget, almost unheard of in the industry!


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What's next?

With brand and website launched, it’s time to implement the marketing strategy for Gold Hair Collection. Facebook Ads & content is being created to promote the brand and drive massive sales. Stay tuned.

New Website for Massive Australian Retailer

Classic Homeware & Gifts

Classic Homeware & Gifts is a massive Australian retailer with seven established stores around the Sydney area. With the rise of competing online retailers disrupting the retail market, it was time for this brand to enter the digital revolution. The founder of Classic Homeware & Gifts wanted to create an exceptional online shopping experience for their customers to outplay the competition. They needed a partner to develop the branding, logo and website to produce an engaging website that stood out from the crowd.

Nuver Digital worked with Classic Homeware & Gifts tol design a professional new logo and brand for the retailer. This was then launched on all of the social media profiles and used on the website. A professional eCommerce shop was built using the Shopify platform, with over 3,000 products in the store.

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What's next?

Facebook Advertising campaigns will be set up to drive paid traffic to the website and SEO work is being completed for long term organic growth.

Bathroom Renovations Website & 70 Leads Generated

EBM Bathroom Renovations

The EBM Group partnered with Nuver Digital to launch the Bathroom Renovations arm of their business. Launching a new brand in a competitive space required a partner that knew how to navigate the online landscape in all aspects of digital marketing. The project required a website and ongoing and consistent lead generation. Nuver Digital designed and developed the website to be launched in just 4 weeks


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The website was completely search engine optimised with high quality text and a large amount of pages and content to ensure that Google would rank the website organically in the search results to generate leads. In the short term Facebook advertising campaigns were run in targeted regions with a high quality creative and excellent offer, allowing the company to generate a massive amount of leads in a short amount of time, leading to significant business for the bathroom renovator. In the first 3 months, over 70 leads were generated at just $30 per lead!

What's next?

Continuous SEO work is being done on the website to increase organic rankings and develop a long term sustainable flow of traffic for EBM Bathroom Renovations. Google Ad campaigns are being strategised and launched to continue to generate high quality leads.

New Website for Childcare Provider

Rise Education

When Rise Education started working with Nuver Digital, they had a dysfunctional website which could not be navigated very easily. The contact form was hard to fill in and the website was not mobile optimised. 


Nuver Digital developed a high quality new website, writing brand new content to ensure that it was ranked highly on Google for the required keywords. The design was also conversion rate optimised, to ensure that when people landed on the website they could easily complete the form and send an enquiry.


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What's next?

Continuous SEO work will be done on the website to further increase rankings and target more keywords to generate enquiries for other areas of the business, as well as when new courses are launched.

New Website for Day Care Provider

Moonlight Family Day Care Services

Moonlight Family Day Care Services needed a professional looking website to make sure that they appeared professional with their potential clients and could provide information to prospective customers. 

Nuver Digital designed and developed a high quality, friendly and approachable website for Moonlight Family Day Care Services. The website has downloadable forms for educators and parents and is completely search engine optimised, to ensure that it comes up when clients are looking for them and would like more information.


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What's next?

Following this pleasant experience with Nuver Digital, the founder of Moonlight Family Day Care Services, has requested the development of a new website for another business as well.

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